Digital Economy and Society
in Catalonia, 2019


(*) After the annual report is written down, this tool is updated with data corrections. This may lead to slight variations in values and rankings.

Last update: 2020-06-15

The DESI index

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) is a composite index index published by the European Commission since 2014. This index measures the progress of EU countries towards adigital economy and society. It brings together a set of relevant indicators on Europe’s current digital policy mix.

Orkestra is in charge of obtaining these indicators for Catalonia so that we can have a reference of the position within the framework of the European Union.

General view

The following visualization concentrates in a single glance the value for Catalonia of the different components that make up the DESI (the level of filling of each box) and compares it with the value of the UE28 (discontinuous line within each box). Pass over par to see the detail of the value in a comfortable tooltip.

Overview of DESI index all all its components for Catalonia compared to EU28

DESI’s components

Here you can study DESI’s different components as well as the breakdown of each one of them into base indicators. The values for Catalonia (in orange) are shown against the values for the pre-Brexit 28 European countries, as well as the average value for the whole of the European Union.

Breakdown of indicator for year

EU28 comparison by level

Esta gráfica muestra los valores de un nivel jerárquico concreto del indicador DESI para Catalonia comparados a los de la Unión Europea para el año seleccionado

Comparison of values for level for year